Designed for musician Cilla Jane

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Designed specially for a musician, this site features a Gig page which the can be updated by the client.

The Challenge

Cilla Jane wanted a website would serve as a platform to promote her music and showcase her gigs.

As any budding young musician will tell you, cash is always tight. So we had to keep the budget as low as possible.

In addition, the site had to work well on mobile smartphones.

We knew that Cilla Jane would want to update the site herself. Being able to update the Gig page was particularly important. At the same time, we knew Cilla didn’t want to learn HTML programming.

What we did

Cilla Jane had some excellent photos, so we wanted to take advantage of that content.

WordPress has a great plug-in community that is well supported. So we chose WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) and configured the GigPress plug-in.

The site is also responsive — meaning the layout changes to provide the best viewing experience. It looks great on desktop computers as well as mobile phones.

Cilla Jane’s site has the following features:

  • a responsive design
  • photo slider on the homepage
  • gig page
  • contact form

We’re looking forward to working with Cilla on future updates.

Cilla Jane website is responsive

The Cilla Jane website is responsive