Driving Adventures goes mobile

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Driving Adventures is all about having a good time. Nice cars, good friends, brilliant roads in some of the most beautiful locations on earth in company with like-minded adventurers.

The brief was to migrate the Driving Adventures site from Blogger, update the look and feel and implement an e-commerce system.

The Challenge

Migrating the content from Blogger involved careful planning to minimize the downtime. In addition, we needed to have the payment system up-and-running soon after the migration.

We chose WordPress because the site owner was already familiar with blogging. We kept the familiar red branding and customised the WordPress theme to add a modern look. We also made sure the new design was also responsive.

What we did

The development was delivered over three key phases:

  1. Migrate the content from Blogger to the new hosting environment.
  2. Customise the WordPress theme.
  3. Implement an event payment system for customers to pay for the driving tours.

The Driving Adventures site has the following features:

  • a responsive design
  • event booking and payment system
  • calendar
  • blog
  • contact form

We’re working on a new calendar implementation to automate posting on social media.

Drive Adventures is a responsive website

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