Hung Drawn Quartet gets a makeover

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Hung Drawn Quartet (HDQ) is a modern jazz band in Sydney. The new website is consistent with their old design but is now mobile friendly.

Having worked with other musicians, Intrinsic Digital approached Chris Frazier (bass player) with an offer to update their old website.

The Challenge

We had to re-use many design elements from the old design but ensure it worked on different size screens.

So, we knew it had to be responsive.

Chris was a great help in bringing together all the content and media to make the migration easier.

What we did

Using WordPress as our framework. We built a site that can easily be updated by Chris without requiring HTML skills.

At the same time, the imagery and colour choice is strongly reminiscent of the original design that Chris did himself.

The key difference is, it’s now mobile friendly.

The HDQ site has the following features:

  • a responsive design
  • photo slider on the homepage
  • gig page
  • contact form

We’re looking forward to another update in the near future.

Hung Drawn Quartet play modern jazz