Rubber Jellyfish are balloons

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Rubber Jellyfish is the story of a pregnant wildlife activist who explores the ramifications of helium balloons on sea turtles, other marine species, and young children.

This was a great project to be part of. The Rubber Jellyfish site is for a film documentary in the making.

The Challenge

We needed to build the site quickly and implement a PayPal donation button. Ofcourse, the design had to be responsive.

Fortunately, Carly had written the content and prepared the hero images. All that remained was to integrate a customised WordPress theme and add the content.

What we did

We customised a beautiful WordPress theme and integrated the PayPal button over the course of a few days.

That would not have been possible had the content been ready. Since the initial launch, we’ve since tweaked the content and added some video links.

The Rubber Jellyfish site has the following features:

  • A responsive design
  • PayPal donation button
  • a blog
  • Social media buttons
  • contact form

We’re working on a new calendar implementation to automate posting on social media.

Rubber Jellyfish are burst balloons.

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